Like like

I really like…like him. But it would never work. Are parents are far too close and he is far too shy. I dont know why he wont just ask me out.  Maybe its because I cant date….. ughhh the life of a christian teen. You must maintain your modesty at all times. Never give away the milk before he buys the cow. Ughhh so many rules … some days j just want to be normal … I want him to ask me out like a “normal” guy … I want him to ask me out to prom even though we have never have been on a date … maybe km delusional … maybe he doesnt like me at all




Why did I have to go and lie. I am not even a liar. It’s just that this time they seemed to flow out of my mouth before i could filter them. I am sorry. I’m not even good at it I get caught every time. Why did she have to SNITCH on me. What made her think that would help anything. After all the lies I kept for her she couldn’t keep one. ONE. i am done with her. I don’t even care that she is my sister. She should have kept quiet. NOW I WILL !!!


I just read about this amazing young women in Pakistan. She is fighting against the Taliban to allow education for all. She was shot in the face and still continued to fight. What an inspiration she is to me. She makes me sad that i was so ungrateful about school before. Even though she is not Christian she is doing more of Gods work than some “Christians” are. How great she is fighting for those who can’t fight. I pray that she be enveloped in Gods love for her and be surrounded by the protection of his angels.Amen. 🙂